Hope on These Streets

Hope On These StreetsHome to the soup kitchen

What is the goals of Hope on these streets and Soup kitchen?

Our dream for hope on the streets is that it will become a extension for God’s undying love and hope on earth – that it will be a safe haven for people from all walks of life to feel empowered and enriched by the word and grace of God.

By joining with those in the community who see a need to better the situation of these young people, we provide food and ministry of various forms to them, with the aim of helping them to see their worth and to understand that they are not insignificant and that in God’s eyes they are deeply treasured.  This may include getting individuals into a detox facility, to come off the drugs that have such a grip on them, and then to place them in a rehabilitation center where they can learn to integrate back into society.

What different ways does Hope on these streets and Soup kitchen offer individuals to stay off the streets?

Hope on the streets offers more than just a warm meal , we offer our community real life connections and the feeling of belonging , we pride ourselves around being a God driven organization and therefore all of our interactions resemble that of a family gathering . We empower the less fortunate by serving them both a meal and basic human dignity, respect and love .

By giving of our time and from our hearts, we are helping these folk to find hope and joy in who they are and who they can be in Christ.