mission statement

More than 25 years ago a number of families who loved Jesus deeply met together to share the need to form a church in this small but growing village called Richards Bay. They used to worship together each Sunday in the small lounge of the house that now houses the nursery of our pre-school. Here they enjoyed great fellowship, biblical teaching from the word of God, they could practice a sincere authenticity, together with wonderful worship and a desire to serve their community. While they did this the kids would be free to crawl and hide under the table that served as a pulpit as the pastor preached. This small group of believers has grown many times over but this same sense of family-ness, authenticity, love of Christ, and commitment to service, continue to be our core values. Kids are still allowed the freedom to be comfortable in church, families still feel comfortable worshipping together, and we all share a desire to grow in our faith in Jesus Christ as Lord. We recognise that we are not perfect but we forgive and seek to live as forgiven people accepted in Christ. The constant refrain that we hear as people join our church is, “I have finally found a home.”

We have service on Sunday @ 08:30 every week!
Contact office: (035) 789 4249